Final Nations exists to complete the great commission. We are a people, an entire generation that actually believes The Great Commission can be completed in our lifetime. With nations becoming more unsettled and cultures becoming more confused Jesus has the saving power to right any wrong, heal any pain, reconcile any relationship, and restore anything broken.

The world cries out for an answer and we are that answer. We cannot wait for another generation to act we must be the answer and we must act now.

With the spirit of the living God working in us and through us we will complete this task until all nations have heard. 

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World’s Largest Islamic Outreach

On April 23rd each year up to 50,000 people flock to the island of Büyükada of the coast of Istanbul, Turkey. Most if not all travel for the sole purpose in seeking God. Of the 50,000 that come most are Muslim and have little revelation of Christ and the power eternal life that they can have through him.

Join us as well as over 300 missionaries as we bear the heat and make the long trek to bring the Gospel to the thousands who are living a life with out Christ.

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